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Virtain perinnekylän museot

The Virrat Heritage Village is a large cultural and historical museum complex displaying agricultural and forestry traditions. It includes the Rajalahti Farmhouse Museum and the Hali Loggers’ Camp Museum, as well as many buildings with local history value, such as stables for the transport of officials, a parish storeroom, and a windmill. The heritage village is located by main road 23, about four kilometres from the centre of Virrat in the direction of Pori.

The Rajalahti Farmhouse Museum’s artefacts describe life on a farm in Virrat at the end of the 19th century. The oldest artefacts date back to the 18th century. The heritage village is also home to the War Veterans’ Museum Room, where Finnish war history from the 20th century is displayed, as well as a field fortress area from the First World War.

At the Hali Loggers’ Camp, used in 1948–1967, you can learn about loggers’ everyday life and work in a time when machinery, such as chainsaws, was already changing the work. The camp included a cabin for 25 men; the hostess’s accommodation; and the boss’s apartment, a sauna, and stables.

The heritage village has a café and restaurant, a kiosk, a handicraft shop, many little boutiques, changing exhibitions, a petting zoo, a play area, stables for riding, a marina, a nature trail, and a bird-watching tower. The heritage village is run by Youth Centre Marttinen. The Canal Museum, showcasing the Herraskoski canal and other canals in the area, can also be found in the heritage village.

Those with reduced mobility should note that only some of the heritage village locations are fully accessible: the Rajalahti Farmhouse Museum (no motorised wheelchairs), the men’s section of the Hali Loggers’ Camp, and the war veterans’ museum room.

Virtain perinnekylän museotVirtain perinnekylän museot

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