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There is an interesting little museum in the Tampere area’s village of Velaatta, along road 338 from Tampere to Ruovesi. This highly specialised museum consists of a milk platform, which presents, with some help from art and science, the shared past of cows and humans – both rural man and city-dwellers. The museum’s bold aim is to keep Velaatta on the world map by providing exhibitions, performances, and publications.

Milk platform is a platform to which full milk containers were brough from the cowsheds of the farms. When lorries replaced horses and carriages after the war in transferring milk to the dairies, higher platforms were needed and old milk platforms were left out of use. Velaatta’s Lahdenmäki’s milk platform was restored in 1993, with the help of the men from the province and Finnish Transport Agency, out of love and respect for the work of the generations past.


Museum’s 10 Gems

Photos The Velaatta Milk Platform Museum


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