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Knowledge is power – and secrets are hegemony. Because of Finland’s geopolitical position between the East and the West, our country has long been a very busy area for international espionage. Espionage has had immense significance worldwide in central areas of social life: in politics, the economy, warfare, and competition – whether between companies or ideologies.

YleiskuvaThe Spy Museum is the world’s first museum to focus specifically on espionage. It records and displays the history and state of the art of international espionage. The exhibition collection provides a good cross-section of the methods and technical equipment used in espionage, including tapping, ciphering, optical equipment, radio technology, weapons, caches, changing of identity, IT espionage, and much more. The museum also sheds light on dozens of notable spies and their stories.

MyrkkysormusMuseum visitors can find other museum-based attractions, as well as cafés and restaurants, in the Finlayson cotton mill area. Those with limited mobility should contact the museum staff when arriving at the location on a weekend to ensure full access.

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