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Come and experience the atmosphere of a farmhouse in Teisko. The Teisko Museum creates for the visitor the sense of an old farm whose owners might be working in the nearby fields. In addition to a homely permanent exhibition, themed exhibitions are held, in summertime.

museoIn addition to the main building, there are two storehouses, a smoke sauna, a blacksmith’s shop, a replica of the dugout of Teisko troops in WWII, the cottage of a soldier maintained by a division of farmers, and the cabin ‘Kalliovaari’ in the beautiful and lush yard. Most of the museum’s artefacts were donated by the people of Teisko. Every artefact has its own, interesting story – even the fern in the hall.

The large yard with its swings and garden furniture is a fine place for visitors to take a break. Close by the Teisko Museum is the beautiful wooden Teisko church. The church with its colourful history can be visited by appointment.


Museum’s 10 Gems

Photos  Leena Tulivirta, Teisko Museum 2011


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