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© Tampereen museoiden Kuva-arkisto

The completely revamped permanent exhibition of Hockey Hall of Fame Finland presents the highlights of Finnish ice hockey, as well as the most noteworthy objects from the museum’s collection. It displays the many high points of ice hockey in Finland, from its infancy in the 1930s to the successes of today. Exhibition items also include many historic record-breaking objects.
© Tampereen museoiden Kuva-arkisto

The Hall of Fame and the trophy area are full of glory, honouring ice-hockey personalities inducted to the Hall of Fame and presenting some legendary Finnish ice-hockey trophies. Both the original Canada Cup and the World Championship trophies earned by the national team of Finland are kept at Hockey Hall of Fame Finland. The new exhibition also showcases some challenge trophies that are still in use today.

MM-pokaali 1995 Marika Tamminen

The museum has simulators for both scoring and goaltending. In the latter, visitors can put their skills to test against virtual pucks in Tampere’s main indoor ice-hockey rink in Hakametsä. This simulator was created in collaboration with the game studio of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

The Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame is one of the world’s six museums that present the history of ice hockey. The museum’s collections of artefacts and photographs form a unique database of the past and present of Finnish ice hockey. The collections comprise over 25,000 artefacts and 30,000 photographs. The jersey collection has over 700 jerseys. The museum is beside the Tammerkoski rapids, at Museum Centre Vapriikki.


Museum’s 10 Gems


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