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The Sara Hildén Art Museum, in Särkänniemi Adventure Park, in a spot of natural beauty, is one of the most noteworthy Finnish museums of contemporary and modern art. The Sara Hildén Art Foundation’s collection of around 5,000 works includes both international and Finnish new art. The museum is also known for its high-quality changing exhibitions.

A successful businesswoman from Tampere, Sara Hildén (1905–1993) was a supporter of young artists and amassed a high-quality collection of modern art according to her own tastes, with some help from experts. In 1962–1972, Hildén attended all Venice Biennales and made regular trips to Paris. It was on these trips that she made her most important acquisitions. The best known among these modern classics are works by Picasso, Gris, Léger, Bonnard, Giacometti, Klee, de Chirico, Miró, Delvaux, Moore, Bacon, and Morandi.

Kahvila SaraAn agreement between the city council and the foundation for establishing this art museum was concluded in 1975. Hildén’s aim was to offer visitors a general overview of phenomena in art history in the first half of the 20th century. She also bought contemporary art to be displayed mainly in the museum’s changing exhibitions.

A gorgeous view opens from the museum’s Café Sara and its patio over the sculpture park surrounding the museum and onto the lake Näsijärvi. During the summer season – i.e., from mid-May until the end of August – the Sara Hildén Art Museum is inside the gates of Särkänniemi Adventure Park. A ticket to access the area includes admission to the museum as well as to the Näsinneula Observation Tower.


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