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Postal Museum’s The Messengers exhibition looks at the history of the postal service in Finland from many perspectives. This exhibition chronicles, for example, how 17th-century peasant farmers delivered mail on foot, postal messengers crossed the stormy Sea of Åland, and what a postmaster’s office looked like.

Artists’ fascinating correspondence and touching wartime letters highlight the importance of letters as a form of communication. And our recent postal history offers nostalgic memories of phenomena of the 1970s–90s.

In addition to the exhibition on the history of the postal service, the museum organises exhibits and interesting events under various themes.

The Postal Museum’s collections encompass a large number of objects, photographs, films, and interviews, along with all stamps ever issued in Finland and a number of other philatelic collections. The museum also hosts Finland’s only public library specialising in philately and postal history. In addition to books, it offers plentiful archive materials for researchers, enthusiasts and anyone else with an interest in the subject.


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