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Vapriikki is a museum centre with great variety in the historical Tammerkoski rapids milieu in the centre of Tampere. It offers something for the whole family. The museum hosts around 10 exhibitions each year, on themes ranging from history to technology and natural sciences. Vapriikki is also the home of the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame, The Finnish Museum of Games, the Natural History Museum, the Tampere Stone  Museum, The Postal Museum, Media Museum Rupriikki,  and the Doll Museum. Visitors are served by the museum restaurant Valssi and the Vapriikki museum shop, where you can find a good selection of books and gifts to take home.

Vapriikki is housed in the old engineering workshop of the Tampella factory, whose oldest parts were built in the 1880s. The exhibition hall, which is 100 metres long and 16 metres high, was built during the 1910s and 1920s. Vapriikki opened in 1996, and the final touches were given to the museum building in 2000.

Luonnontieteellinen museo

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