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Näkymä näyttelystä

The permanent exhibition at Rupriikki focuses on the role of information networks in the modern world, the transformation of Tampere-based communication firms, and the exciting and surprising history of gaming.

Vapriikin kuva-arkisto

The Rupriikki exhibition tells the stories of some interesting people, such as Abraham Niklas Edelcrantz, the inventor of the once high-tech optical telegraph and semaphore towers. These and many other long-forgotten means of communication come back to life in interactive applications at the museum. The exhibition plays on the habits and customs related to the use of media and analyses the role of social media in our daily lives.

In addition to Rupriikki’s exhibitions, the museum offers various workshops and events at Vapriikki.

The Vapriikki Museum Shop sells gifts and souvenirs related to the history of media. Rupriikki also has its own online shop.

Museum’s 10 Gems


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