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Pälkäne-seuran museokokoelma

Pälkäne has been very active in local history work ever since the 1930s, when the local museum society was founded. In the 1930s, university graduate Runo Uotila put together a significant collection of rustic artefacts, forming the basis for the local history museum. The local history society, the Pälkäne Society, was founded in 1948 to continue the work of the museum society.

Myttäälän koulun kuistiThe Salimäki museum collection comprises rustic artefacts owned by the Pälkäne Society and is housed in the old Myttäälä school. The collection covers mainly rustic artefacts from the 19th century and other artefacts related to the history of Pälkäne. Alongside the museum collection, the school has a little shop selling Pälkäne Society products. The museum is not recommended for those with limited mobility. While in town, you can also visit the Windmill Museum, also run by the Pälkäne Society.


Contacts and opening hours:

Myttääläntie 176
36600 Pälkäne


The museum is open during the summer season in July.


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