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Kesätilaisuus Mikkelinmäellä

The Luopioinen Local History Museum is in the village of Luopioinen, next to the village church. Previously a granary for the parish, the building was turned into a museum by the Kukkia Society in the 1950s. The objects on display have been collected from the Luopioinen area, and most date from the 19th century.

Luopioisten kotiseutumuseoThe exhibition space has three floors. The entry hall features vehicles and objects related to fishing. The ground floor is dedicated to original granary equipment, including grain measuring units, tubs, and shovels. Beer brewing equipment, items that were used during times of material scarcity, and a miniature model of Luopioinen in the 20th century are also displayed. A mobile school and items used for home decoration are found on the first floor. The oldest books on display are from the 1750s. On the second floor, you can find utensils and tools for everyday uses, including lighting, carpentry, and shoe-making items. Also, articles used for men’s and women’s chores are displayed.

Luopioisten kotiseutumuseoAlso founded by the Kukkia Society in the late 1950s, the Mikkelinmäki open air museum is a municipally run museum located 200 metres from the local history museum. Its buildings have been brought to the site from all over the Luopioinen area. The first buildings were the Hirvelä croft and a ‘maid’s storehouse’. Other buildings include storehouses, a smoke sauna and a windmill. In total, the museum has 12 buildings. Mikkelinmäki is an old sacred site, possibly from the Iron Age, with a sacrificial stone and a natural spring.

When you visit this museum, you might also want to visit nearby sights, such as Luopioinen Church, from 1813, and its church museum.

Museum’s 10 Gems

Photos Miia Hinnerichsen, Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum, 2011


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