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Päärakennus Korpulan talo

The Ylöjärvi Local History Museum is located in a beautiful pine forest on the hill Hietastenmäki, near the old Kuru road. The museum area was established in the 1960s when the Ylöjärvi Society brought the first building – the old granary of the Tiura farm – to the hill. Eight more buildings, mostly from the 19th century, were transported to the site later. The main building is the Korpula house, but there are also a small cottage and a charming late-18th-century loft storehouse on the homestead. The back of the yard is home to a cabin and a small smoke sauna that used to belong to a shoemaker called Niinisalo. Next to the gate is an old workshop from the Teivaala mansion and, further back, a drying barn.

Luhtiaitta ja pakariThe old way of life and handicraft skills are displayed inside the buildings through 19th-century tools and utility articles. Displayed in the main building are everyday items; yarn was spun in the cabin, where wooden articles were made in the winter, and coffee and porridge were made in the kitchen. There is an exhibition on the work of shoemakers and tailors in Suutarila. In the workshop, you can find blacksmith’s tools and a forge, and the drying barn displays agricultural objects and threshing equipment, as well as an unusual horse-powered rotating threshing machine.

PakariYou can either look around the museum area on your own or ask for a guide to give you a tour. In the summer, activities are organised for both adults and children. Established events include the summer theatre of the Vahanta Youth Association. Tours covering interesting old objects and life a century ago are organised for children. Traditional handicraft workshops are also held at the museum. After this museum, you might wish to visit the magnificent Ylöjärvi Church, from 1850, which is only two kilometres away and is open to the public in the summer.

Museum’s 10 Gems

Photos Ylöjärvi Local History Museum 2011


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