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Kaivostorni ja tupa

The Haveri mine began its industrial life as an iron mine and was first mentioned in an official document in 1735. Oy Vuoksenniska Ab was the last company to mine here, in 1935–1960, for gold, copper and silver. Production buildings and housing from that period still remain on the site. The history of the mine and mining objects are displayed at the museum, which is run by the Viljakkalan Haveri Association.

LastauskoneThere is no café at the museum, but there is café/kiosk Kultahaverin Vapaa-aika in the mining area, which also offers leisure services, holiday cottages for rent, a beach, and (a little further away) the restaurant Kultacasino.

Events related to gold and stones are organised in the area, and a trolling competition is held in the summer. The Pirkan Taival hiking trail runs through Haveri on its way from Hämeenkyrö to Ikaalinen.

Guided tours in July 2017 Friday, Saturday and Sanday 1 am, 3 am and 5 am. Starting point at Puistolantie 1, Viljakkala. Car parking at  Haverintie’s parking place (turning point of Haverintie and Rantapolku) .

Sign in tours beforehand by telephone Mon-Fri 4am -11am, Sat 2am-11am and Sun 12-10am, tel. 00358 40 508 9047.

Museum’s 10 Gems

Photos Haveri Gold Mine Museum


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