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Running beside the Virrat Heritage Village, the Herraskoski lock canal is one of the most beautiful canals in Finland. This 825-metre-long canal was completed in 1907. An imposing house was built for the canal guard. The canal is edged with Siberian firs, and its surroundings represent the National Romantic style of the early 20th century. The area has been preserved in almost its original condition.

Herraskosken kanavaThe canal museum was built by the upper entrance to the canal, using drawings for an old outbuilding. The Finnish Transport Agency runs this special museum, whose exhibition presents the history of Häme’s canals, such as the Murole, Kravi, Lempäälä, and Vääksy canals, and the history of water traffic on the river Kokemäenjoki and Lake Päijänne. The top floor of the museum houses an exhibition on the Herraskoski canal. People with reduced mobility should note that the museum has two floors and no lift.

Near the canal museum, you can find the Virrat Heritage Village, Youth Centre Marttinen, and a marina whose services are available to museum guests.

Herraskosken kanavamuseo


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