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Myllysaaren museo ulkoa

Open only by appointment before August

Located at the intersection of Lake Mallasvesi and Lake Vanajavesi, in the Valkeakoski city center is Myllysaari – as seen from the name, mylly meaning mill and saari meaning island– a former island, on the shores of which wheat was ground already in the Middle Ages. Rapidly flowing Walkiakoski also gave power to the paper mill that was built there in 1871.

Nowadays, the old factory building of Myllysaari works as the Myllysaari museum. The area is classified as a nationally significant cultural environment. Whole-family events like the Worker’s Music Festival every summer, among others, are organized.

The Myllysaari museum permanent exhibition is Vana, meaning wake or trail, an immense journey of memories, which carries viewers from the Iron Age to the present. The experiential story lifts people and guilds out of the darkness of history. Rotating exhibition themes vary from cultural history to arts and crafts. With the same admission ticket, visitors can see the Finnish Football Museum on the third floor of the Myllysaari museum, and the Kauppilanmäki Outdoor Museum, located on the other side of the canal.

The Myllysaari museum shop offers original, hand-made Finnish products. High-quality wood, paper, and ceramic items, among other things, can be found on the shelf. All the city center services are close by.


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