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Mannerheim-monogrammiThe Mannerheim collectionat the Päivölä Adult Education Institute is the property of librarian Olavi Liukkonen and consists of an extensive body of documents on the life and family of Marshal of Finland Mannerheim and on Knights of the Mannerheim Cross. The exhibition displays books, journals, reports, film footage, audio tapes, medals, photos, stamps, etc. spanning 200 years. It features about 12,500 items, in 20 languages, from 22 countries. This is the largest private collection in Finland and a real treasure trove for Mannerheim enthusiasts. All documents in the collection are listed; you can search the items in the database at

vitriiniThe building that houses the Mannerheim collection is also home to the Room for National Defence Tradition, a set of items collected by war veterans in the Valkeakoski and Sääksmäki area, as well as the Hilda Huntuvuori Room, with items related to the history of the Päivölä Institute. Visitors can enjoy the café and restaurant, as well as the accommodation services of the education institute. Lunch is served at the refectory at 11:30am, afternoon coffee at 2pm, and dinner at 5pm. Individual guests are welcome without reservations; however, groups should book their meals and accommodation in advance. Additional information is available at

Nearby museums and sights that can easily be visited at the same time include Visavuori, the Sääksmäki Local History Museum, and the Voipaala Art Centre.

kokoelman sisäänkäyntiperinnehuone

Museum’s 10 Gems

Photos © Miia Hinnerichsen, Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum, 2011


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