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The Suodenniemi Local History Museum is located next to a church, in the shade of a windmill in the centre of Suodenniemi. In the museum area, you can find a two-room cottage from the Satakunta region, a windmill, a storehouse, and a drying barn. The museum also displays works of local craftsmen. One of the museum’s more special items is a wooden bike crafted by a Suodenniemi postman named Kalle Pohja. The museum also features an old-fashioned schoolroom.

The museum shop sells local handicrafts. Concerts and other events are held in its spacious yard in the summer. Suodenniemi Church, next to the museum, is a wooden building from 1831 that was designed by architect Andreas Arppe. Its steeple was designed by C.L. Engel. The church was built by master builder Mikko Mikonpoika Roos.

Museum’s 10 Gems

Photos Miia Hinnerichsen, Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum 2011


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