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Zetor, Ford, Fordson, Massey Ferguson, Valmet, Farmall, David Brown, Kullervo. If any of these names are familiar to you, then Sastamala’s Kotajärvi Automobile and Tractor Museum is meant for you!

museon pihamaaSeppo Kotajärvi, from Vammala, gathered a significant collection of vehicles and agricultural machinery. The collection and the museum showcasing it are now tended by a foundation bearing the collector’s name. The idea behind the foundation is to contribute to, research, and record the history of the Finnish countryside and the mechanisation of agriculture, as well as to convey information on this development to new generations.

Kotajärvi Automobile and Tractor Museum displays almost 100 tractors; around 20 cars; and a large number of motorbikes, mopeds, and bicycles. In summer, the museum hosts many events. Information on these is published in local newspapers and on the foundation’s Web site.

Museum’s 10 Gems

Photos Pekka Koskinen 2011


  • Pekka Koskinen says:

    Albert, Thank you for Your letter. And gratulations to you because of Your tractor museum. I’ve seen Your internet-sides. There is one thing I’d like should be fine: pleace, translate your sides into english also.
    If Your friend Rainer want’s to come and take photos in our museum, he is welcome as well as You.
    Yours Sinceraly
    Sastamala 31.3.2012
    Pekka Koskinen

  • albert says:
    Dear Colleagues,
    We’d like to get hold of friends in Finland to implement joint projects. Museum, we have created in the last year and today we have about 30 tractors in Russia. I sent a letter to my friend the photographer Rainer with a proposal to take place in our museum of history of the tractor photo exhibition “From Valmeta to Valtre.” That would be fine.
    Sincerely, Albert Sergeev

  • Ohje says:

    “Jätä kommentti” toimii kuin sähköinen vieraskirja. Voit kertoa kokemuksiasi museosta, kehua tai antaa kehittämisehdotuksia. Kommentin voit jättää joko omalla nimelläsi tai nimimerkillä. Lähetettäessä kommentti tulee sivulle kaikkien Museokompassin käyttäjien luettavaksi. Asiattomat viestit poistetaan. Niistä voi ilmoittaa sivuston ylläpitäjälle sivun oikean alakulman “Lähetä palautetta” -lomakkeella tai sähköpostilla: anu.salmela(at)

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