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Summer 2020 open only by appointment.

Horn combs, shuttles, cowbells, thread buttons, pipes, … All this and much more can be found in the Keikyä Local History Museum. Keikyä is known for its handicrafts, and its museum, where crafts feature heavily, was founded in 1961. Run by the local Museum and Local History Society, the museum has resided at its present location of Kiviniemi’s Uotila since the 1970s. A beautiful road, bordered with birches planted over 85 years ago, leads to the museum from the road Kiviniementie.

sarvikamman valmistusThe museum’s abundant selection of artefacts vividly narrates the history of numerous crafts, which have produced thread, cloth, thread buttons, rubber balls, bags, combs, pipes and bricks. The museum also displays the many tools used in the trades of a farmer, a master builder, and a shoemaker. The museum’s buildings include an authentic main building from the early 19th century and a loft building from the 18th century. The main building of the Local History Museum is fully accessible to the disabled.

Keikyän käsityötaitoaIn the summertime, the museum hosts a number of events, the most notable of which is the heritage day in August, designed for the whole family. Many people still practise their crafts in Keikyä, and you should visit their shops while you are in town. Anneli Keinonen manufactures hand-printed clothes and art textiles in the former Keikyä dairy, and the leather workshop Nahkapaja Eliisa Marjaana Oy makes purses, bags, slippers, and punching bags out of real leather. Keikyä’s old vicarage, Vanha Pappila, along the river Kokemäenjoki, serves coffee and meals, and provides bed-and-breakfast accommodation by appointment.


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