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Ruoveden kotiseutumuseo

The Ruovesi Local History Museum is located on a ridge in the centre of Ruovesi. The museum consists of log buildings from the 17th to the 19th century. The first of these was moved to the site in 1932. The museum displays life on a medium-sized farm in northern Häme. Einar Palmén, a local physician, had the idea for the museum and began to collect items for it in the 1920s. The Ruovesi Local History Museum is one of the oldest open-air museums in Finland.

Ruoveden kotisetumuseoAfter visiting the museum, you can take a look at the harbour and the Ruovesi cemetery, on the cultural heritage site of Ritoniemi, which boasts a cross-shaped church with 24 corners. This was named after Queen Sophia Magdalena. In the cemetery, you can find a long wooden boat with 15 pairs of rowlocks that was used for church trips, as well as the Neoclassical burial room of the Pekkala mansion. Beside the main gate, a wooden pauper statue greets the visitor.

After the cemetery visit, you can refresh yourself by the spring pond named after the national poet of Finland, J.L. Runeberg. A walkway from the harbour leads to the spring, which is on a nature reserve. There is also a museum road in Ruovesi: this monument to rustic roads and bridge construction turns off from the Kuru–Ruovesi road.


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