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Embark on a travel in time to the Doghill of Mauri Kunnas! People have lived and worked on the Yli-Kirra farm since the beginning of the 19th century. The farming museum is a typical farmhouse from the Satakunta region with buildings that form a closed yard. The closed yard has been kept mostly in its original form. Author Mauri Kunnas has drawn inspiration from Yli-Kirra for his Doghill books, popular with children.

kuistiIn addition to the farmhouse, the five-hectare museum area includes a large section on agricultural tools and machines, a cottage area, and a game-hunting area. The area has around 30 different buildings. Yli-Kirra covers all dimensions of agriculture and country living, and the area surely has something for everyone. How did horse-powered threshing machines work, and what does an agricultural boiler, a wolf trap, or a paw trap look like? What does one do in a drying house, and how were crops threshed before the invention of threshing machines? You can find the answers to these questions and many others at Yli-Kirra, the local history museum of Punkalaidun.


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