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Museokoti Mummola

Mummola offers a private museum decorated in a homely way to bring back memories of Grandma’s home. ‘I feel old!’ said a little museum visitor happily.

Arabian kokoelmaThe Museum House Mummola is in Koivisto, Pirkkala. The museum is a former double-cabin log dwelling for workers at the Haikka manor and dates back to the 19th century. Most of the artefacts are the home’s decorative and utility items, as well as handicrafts. There is a particularly extensive collection of Arabia milk jugs and birch-bark artefacts. The owner is happy to show the museum to visitors, and coffee can be arranged. It is also possible to hold meetings and other small events at the museum. An outdoor toilet, decorated in the same style as the museum, is available for visitors’ use.

In the vicinity of the museum, you can also find Pataravintola Mylly, a cosy restaurant serving lunches that is open on weekdays. The Tampere–Pirkkala airport is only 2.5 kilometres away.

kahviaiheinen kokoelma

Museum’s 10 Gems

Photos © Ritva Tiitinen


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