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Museo ulkoa

The history of logging from the emergence of the sawmill industry in the 1860s until the 1960s, when machinery entered wider use, is presented at the forest museum. The museum area consists of an exhibition building, a logging bunkhouse, a sauna, horse stables, a log pontoon, and forestry machinery. The museum buildings give a good idea of the various aspects of logging and the loggers’ work conditions.

The first permanent exhibition on forest protection in Finland, entitled ‘Trails in the Forest’, opened at this museum in 2007. The exhibition looks at the importance of forests to Finns, changes in the forests, and the past and present of forest conservation. Also presented are the ways in which forest-owners can protect their forests.

Close to the museum there are a nature trail, a beach, lean-to shelters and fire pits. There is a seven-kilometre nature trail from the Forest Museum to the Käenkoski Centre through varied terrain along the shore of Lake Kaidatvedet. The museum is in a forested area, but the paths are wide and reasonably easy to manage.

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