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Pälkäneen kirkkomuseo

A museum can be found in the gallery of Pälkäne Church. This red-brick cruciform church was designed by architect C.L. Engel. The altarpiece, depicting Jesus in Gethsemane, was painted in 1841 by Stockholm’s Prof. P.E. Limnell. The church museum has old parish items from both the current church of the parish and the former one, now known as Saint Michael’s Ruined Church. The ruined church is only a kilometre away and open to visitors.

Pälkäneen kirkkoThe church museum displays old parish items, which speak of ecclesiastical life and ceremonies, also chronicling the important position of the Church in society. The oldest artefacts date back to the 17th century. The local nobility’s wooden coats of arms are among the more special items on display here. The church is open from 11am to 4pm from June through August. You can also stop for a coffee at the café Yellow Country House or marvel at life on the ostrich farm Strutsitila Syrjynen.

Pälkäneen kirkko

Museum’s 10 Gems

Photos © Miia Hinnerichsen, Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum, 2011


  • Ohje says:

    “Jätä kommentti” toimii kuin sähköinen vieraskirja. Voit kertoa kokemuksiasi museosta, kehua tai antaa kehittämisehdotuksia. Kommentin voit jättää joko omalla nimelläsi tai nimimerkillä. Lähetettäessä kommentti tulee sivulle kaikkien Museokompassin käyttäjien luettavaksi. Asiattomat viestit poistetaan. Niistä voi ilmoittaa sivuston ylläpitäjälle sivun oikean alakulman “Lähetä palautetta” -lomakkeella tai sähköpostilla: anu.salmela(at)

  • RA Salonen says:

    Thank you for putting some information up online in English. I briefly stopped in at the church in August 2012, but unfortunatly was not able to speak to a minister or lay person while there.

    Is there any way to arrange to contact the church regarding marriages performed at the church in the 1880-1890s?

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