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kivimuseo ulkoa

Agates, orbicular granite, feldspar, kimberlite, diamonds, … The Eräjärvi Stone Museum hosts a wide and interesting selection of domestic and foreign stone types, including precious and ornamental stones as well as rare minerals. Run by the society Eräjärvi Seura, this special museum is located in a former granary, in the closed yard of the wooden church of Eräjärvi, completed in 1864.

kivivitriiniEräjärvi, now part of the town of Orivesi, has long traditions in the stone industry and stone processing. Phyllite mining was at its most active in the area at the turn of the 19th century, when whetstones were exported to Russia from the Grand Duchy of Finland. The mining of feldspar, which was exported to many countries in Europe, started in the 1930s, to provide raw material for the porcelain industry. Stone still provides employment in Eräjärvi. The museum showcases different stone types, minerals, and the history of the stone industry in the area. In addition, changing exhibitions related to art and history are prepared.

kivimuseon sisakuvaDuring your visit, you can also get acquainted with beautiful Finnish wooden church architecture. Eräjärvi Church, completed in 1821, was designed by Matti Åkergren, a famous church-builder from Eräjärvi. There is also an interesting museum at the Eräjärvi church. The churchyard has a sculpture by Aimo Tukiainen called Church Roosters.

Museum’s 10 Gems

Photos © Miia Hinnerichsen, Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum 2011


  • Ohje says:

    “Jätä kommentti” toimii kuin sähköinen vieraskirja. Voit kertoa kokemuksiasi museosta, kehua tai antaa kehittämisehdotuksia. Kommentin voit jättää joko omalla nimelläsi tai nimimerkillä. Lähetettäessä kommentti tulee sivulle kaikkien Museokompassin käyttäjien luettavaksi. Asiattomat viestit poistetaan. Niistä voi ilmoittaa sivuston ylläpitäjälle sivun oikean alakulman “Lähetä palautetta” -lomakkeella tai sähköpostilla: anu.salmela(at)

  • Kaj Höglund says:


    Mielenkiintoinen museo kauniissa ympäristössä!

  • dair says:

    Been there today about 3pm. It was closed :-(
    We were driving for about an hour from Helsinki to get there but it was closed without any explanation.

  • Miia Hinnerichsen says:

    Hello Dair,
    I’m answering to you on behalf of Pirkanmaa Provincial museum, the organization responsible for updating the information on Museum Compass of Tampere Region. We are sorry for your disappointment regarding your visit to the Eräjärvi Stone Museum on 25th of September. It is a small regional museum only open at summertime. The opening season and opening hours are stated on the museums infopage: open from June till August, Tue-Sun 11 am-5 pm.
    We hope you will visit the museum again next summer. Please check the dates and opening hours from this website before your visit as there might be changes.

    Best regards,
    Miia Hinnerichsen
    City of Tampere/ Museum Services
    Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum

  • dair says:

    Thanks very much Miia. I believe we used different website which didn’t have “Jun-Aug” section.
    We will definitely visit the museum next summer.
    Thank you for your answer!

  • Sepe says:

    Olisitteko kiinnostuneet saamaan näyttelyynne harvinaisen suuren,ja loistavan spektroliittikiteen.

  • Hannu Hakala says:

    Aukiloaika 2017 on klo 12-17. Pääsymaksu aikuisilta 4 € ja lapsilta 10-15 v. 1 € ja alle 10 v. Ilman.

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