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Taichia Hinttalassa

Nokia is known as an industrial town, but its roots are in agriculture. These worlds meet at the museums of Nokia. One of the museums in Nokia is the Hinttala farm, which showcases items related to local history. There is a café at the farm. Another exhibit comprises workers’ cottages beside the Viikinharju ridge, on the other side of the road Nokianvaltatie. The Hinttala museum & The Worker’s Housing Museum are not fully accessible to people with limited mobility.

The Hinttala homestead comprises a cottage (1839) and a house (1852), as well as a loft storehouse, a shed, and a carriage house. The oldest dwelling in the yard, which is still in its original location, is the same age as the church on the hill and the vicarage behind the church. Additionally, a sauna, a row of storehouses, and a granary have been brought to the area. Over the course of its history, the main building in Hinttala has served as a venue for town meetings and as a school. Today, the Hinttala farm is a summery meeting place for people of all ages where you can take part in events and weekly activities. The new permanent exhibition of Luhti – Points of view in time, emphasizes the importance of time and perspective. The exhibition asks what is important and worth remembering, how we remember the town of Nokia and how the world has changed – or whether it is. Luhti challenges to ponder, experience and read. The exhibition consists of a timeline with events of the Hinttala farm, Kankaanta village, town of Nokia, Finland and world history.

In the workers’ cottages, on the other side of Nokianvaltatie, you get to step into the lives of Nokia’s early industrial workers. Brought to the area, the buildings that make up the Workers’ Housing Museum are typical dwellings furnished in period style.  One cottage displays clothes made from the felt used in paper machines.


Museum’s 10 Gems


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