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Nokian kirkkomuseo

Covered in yellow plaster, the brick church in Nokia was built in 1837 on a beautiful ridge in Neoclassical style. The church building, designed by C.L. Engel, was modelled after Rome’s Pantheon, with its full circular form and a dome covering the whole church. Nokia Church is open to the public in the summertime.

The Nokia Church Museum, in the basement of the church, exhibits a wide selection of parish artefacts. Nokia Church was previously the ‘mother church’ of the Pirkkala parish, which means that, in addition to artefacts collected from the five churches in Nokia, the museum has artefacts from the old churches in Harju and Pirkkala. The exhibition space is divided into five sections, each of which focuses on an aspect of parish life: baptism, the Eucharist, the service, discipline, and education. The everyday and celebrations, birth and death, the splendour of the textiles and altar artefacts, and the humility of burial equipment all meet in the atmospheric exhibition space.

Museum’s 10 Gems

Photos Miia Hinnerichsen, Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum 2011


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