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Serlachius-museo Gustaf

The museum nicknamed ‘Gustaf’ resides in the centre of Mänttä, in the ‘White House’, the former head office of G.A. Serlachius Ltd. You are allowed to touch the artefacts here! Gustaf is a museum that is full of experiences and wants to involve the visitor. The exhibitions focus on people’s stories, staged scenes, and interaction. The permanent exhibition allows you to take in the history of this paper-manufacturing town and learn about the lives of the workers and factory-owners, and it also touches upon some of the major events in Finland’s history.

Gustaf nayttelytila

All of the museum’s exhibition areas are fully accessible. The staff have been trained to serve and assist special groups. You can borrow wheelchairs, walking frames, prams, folding chairs, and other aids from the museum. And remember that you can use the same ticket to gain entrance to the Art Museum ‘Gösta’, at Joenniemi Manor. The exhibitions at the Art Centre Honkahovi and Mänttä Art Festival should definitely be part of your visit to an art town!

Gustaf nayttelytila



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