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Kallenaution kestikievarimuseo

Take a break from your journey and step into the time of horses and carriages in an authentic tavern milieu. Kallenautio Tavern Museum, about 65 kilometres from Tampere on main road 66, is the only tavern museum in Finland. It consists of a 250-year-old tavern building, a workers’ residence, a carriage shed with old carriages, and storehouses in museum use. In the summertime, there are animals in the yard. The tavern building includes a large hall with a fireplace, as well as two guest rooms, named after the authors Topelius and Asunta, who described Kallenautio in their works.

InKallenaution käsityömyymälä summertime, the tavern museum hosts changing art exhibitions, and its café offers refreshments for weary travellers. Souvenir problems are solved in the Kallenautio handicraft shop.




Contacts and opening hours:

Kallenautiontie 327


During the summer season 18.5.-19.8.2018  the museum is open at 10 am-6 pm. On Midsummer eve 22.6. the museum is open 10 am-3 pm.


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