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Old diesel locomotives, steam engines, and railway work equipment in their bays at the locomotive depot of the Toijala station, built in the 1870s. Buy a ticket at an old passenger carriage and step into this world of magnificent locomotives. In addition, the museum presents railways as depicted by photographs, postcards, and literature, which also feature heavily in the selection of the museum shop. The museum’s permanent exhibition focuses on the history of the Turku–Toijala line.

The Locomotive Museum presents locomotives, repaired by skilled amateurs, at their best. Near the museum, on the road Ryödintie, you can visit the changing exhibitions of the culture centre Kulttuuritalo Laaksola. As its theme implies, the locomotive museum has excellent train connections. Visitors using cars are advised to slow down at the exit leading to Toijala on the motorway between Helsinki and Tampere. Here, in the yard of the ABC service station, they can catch a glimpse of the locomotive Tr 1088, or ‘Risto’, manufactured by the Lokomo factory.



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